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Hot stones can be a luxurious add-on to a massage, whether for relaxation with a facial, or up to deep tissue techniques for a skilled masseuse. In the three modules, select 1, 2 or 3 based on your current Level Completed. If taking this course for CPU continuing credits with a governing board such as NHPC, each online module can count for 5 credits, take all 3 for your 15 credits. Congratulations, you’ve completed LEVEL 1! You’ve learnt the fundamentals of hot stones, risks/contraindications for safety, sanitization, proper care of equipment and the benefits to the body. The second (LEVEL 2), is designed for adding hot stone to services for face massage, such as with facials, to hands and feet, which also includes for manicures, pedicures. Once you’re done this, you’re onto the 3rd LEVEL for full body work, as well as some business tips.

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