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Fine Line


About The

Meet Chrislynn, a medical aesthetician, who’s been performing Tattoo Brows and Scalp Tattoo Micro Pigmentation for the last 6 years, and has in the last year, taken her steady hand and artistic passion into offering body tattoos as well!

Enjoy a fine line work tattoo styled piece, as large as you like, in the relaxing atmosphere of our spa. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Is it permanent?


Brow Tattoos are typically done with Perm. Make-Up ink brands that are designed to fade over years as the molecule of the ink is more carbon and natural based leading to frequent touch-ups over years.

This is with “real” tattoo ink, and therefore your white blood cells can’t fade it as fast.

Cost? She charges $100/hour. Text her for a quote on your piece 705-288-0947

The volume of fine line tattoos she has done is too large to post every photo, however here are just some examples of her work in the last 6 months. Thank you for all the support

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