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How JustNatural Holistic Spa & Institute Inc. started
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Founded by a holistic practitioner, in 2010, and later incorporated in 2017. Chrislynn had a mission to assist others in their journey to wellness and have a large group of like-minded entrepreneurs join together and change the world, one client at a time.


"We believe that it is important to treat the entire person in order to achieve wellness. Wellness is in fact, the state of being in good mental and physical health, not one without the other.


Take time to relax, quiet the mind, and heal the body.

My goal as an educator of holistic massage is to create more leaders in holistic health who I can in return also learn from, and together we can all positively impact the world.


-Chrislynn Losier, founder of JustNatural Holistic Spa &  Institute Inc     est. 2010

JustNatural has grown as a brand across Canada, and Chrislynn has cultivated a group of women in the industry to work along side her. All from different backgrounds and skillsets, working cohesively and successfully. 

They are skilled in some of the top modalities in the beauty industry, from an injectables practitioner with 29 years of experience in her field; microblading and powder brow technicians with some of the highest satisfaction reviews; laser technicians in laser tattoo removal to radio frequency fat reduction; manicures and pedicures not rushed and patiently performed; and more. 

After years of working in her profession, she realized there was a need for a spa that offered everything a client could need, without the overturn of staff. She created this conglomerate of skilled professional with matching personalities to work cohesively providing clients with a wonderful experience, and happy practitioners. 

There was also a lacking of professionals in her field, and hence she began to build her very own Myomassology curriculum. Combined with her background in business and marketing, and life experience, the governing board NHPC approved the program, and then began the launch of the Institute branch within JustNatural. 

We've graduated numerous students from our program, and continuous to cultivate those relationships with our Alumni programs. We all appreciate every client and student who comes through our doors.

thank you,

JustNatural Holistic Spa & Institute Inc.

36 Maple St S

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36 Maple St S

Timmins, On

P4N 1Y4

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A Private Spa, By Appointment Only

Available Monday to Saturday


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