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All online based. Study and be certified from anywhere in Canada!

This program is designed with Three Credits to be completed in order to receive your Master Facial Specialist Certification.


Each are filled with essential information, whether only taking 1 or 2 credits for basic knowledge and self improvement, or completing all three in order to obtain a Certification. In order to be able to perform a professional facial, it's imperative to learn the anatomy of the integumentary system (the skin), the importance of daily skin care, the damage improper products can do, how to recognize skin types, as well as disorders. Also learn the supplies required, business 101, sanitization, and finally the art of performing a complete and professional facial. 

Our Modules Are:

1- Introduction to skin care & the history behind skin care    (12 hours) $249.99 +tax

2- Elements of Facials                                                                   (12 hours) $249.99+tax              

3- Master Facial Specialist                                                            (12 hours) $249.99+ tax

If you are interested, you can email-transfer the spa for each, or all three modules to and fill in this registration form.

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Once you’ve EMT’d your balance, and submitted the online form, you can CLICK on creating a log in, and wait up to 24 hours for us to add you to the course modules.

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