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Study and be certified from anywhere in Canada!

3 courses 50 Hour Program (15 NHPC CEU credits) - ALL AT YOUR PACE

Whether you’re an existing professional registered with a governing body, seeking continuing credits for CEU, and expanding your business, or looking for general information for self-benefit, or wanting to launch into a career with little to no prior experience. Let Us Help.


The three sections/credits are divided as such:

1- Introduction to skin care & the history behind skin care    (12 hours) $249.99 +tax

In order to be able to perform a professional facial, it's imperative to learn the anatomy of the integumentary system (the skin), the importance of daily skin care, history of skin care, the damage improper products can do to the skin, how to recognize skin types, and the healing properties of the correct skin care products.

2- Elements of Facials                                                                   (12 hours) $249.99+tax      


Learn the supplies required to perform a facial, the sequence of a full skin care routine, business 101 of offering facials to clients, and sanitization required of your space when working on clients.


3- Master Facial Specialist                                                            (12 hours) $249.99+ tax

Finally the art of performing a complete and professional facial, learn Product Facials, HydraFacials, LED Facials, Steaming Machines, and more! 

If you are interested, you can create a log in, and purchase each section/complete online, complete the 10 practice facials, and email us once complete for your certificate. (14 hours)

Choose A Skin Care Line You Love

The Optional Starter Kit

After the program, you’re free to research different lines, and choose one you LOVE! We know this can be a lengthy process, so if you like, you can start with out line which is manufactured in British Columbia, high quality and spa grade. Use it on yourself, to improve your own skin firstly, and use it on clients to perform your facials.

If you LOVE this line as much as we do, you could also wholesale this line to sell out of your own spa.

The starter kit includes:

3 JN Spa Line cleansers (1 Dry Type, 1 All Type, 1 Oily Type)

1 JN Spa Line Toner (1 All Type)

2 Exfoliator Masques (1 Dry Type, 1 Oily Type)

2 Serums (1 Sensitive Type, 1 Mature Type)

2 Moisturizing Masques (1 Dry Type, 1 Oily Type)

1 Face Massage Oil from Skin Essence

2 Moisturizers (1 Sensitive/Dry, 1 Combo/Oily)

3 Spa Headbands

3 Spatulas

Price $532.57 +HST and shipping (email if you require one)

Expand Your Services, with JN Alumni Pricing

LED Machine .webp

Optional Facial Steamer:



$99.99 +HST and shipping

Optional LED Machine:


$160.00 +HST and shipping

Optional HydraFacial Machine:


$359.99 +HST and shipping

(email if you require one)

Facial Course

Bringing facials into my business, was a smooth transition. I love helping people with their skin care needs, it’s easy on my body and client love it!

Christina Geddes, Haileybury ON

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