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The "Hollywood" JustNatural Facial

Be JustNatural with the “no filter needed” selfie! Jumpstart your new year with The JustNatural Facial, otherwise known as the Hollywood Facial, an exclusive treatment from JustNatural Holistic Spa.

Our signature treatment is a match for all skin types, tones, and ages. You’ll start with a gentle, Carbon Laser resurfacing treatment:

rapid bursts focusing on the epidermis, blasting away the carbon aiding in removal of debris found in the pores and deerskin cells. Thermal effect produced by the laser has the ability to stimulate collagen production, leaving flawless and youthful skin.

followed by a soothing, hydrating Mother of Pearl Facial Masque. Lastly a quick all-over PhotoFacial for evening of skin tone, tightening skin, and reducing fine lines.

Trade-in dry, dull, fatigued skin for an instant glow with lasting hydration! No healing time needed – apply your favorite beauty products immediately after treatment.


Carbon Laser Facial

Need a clean slate? This painless procedure is great for anyone! If you are looking to:

Reduce fine lines.

Even skin tone.

Remove dry/dead skin cells for improved appearance.

Improve scars or pigmentation from sun damage, acne or scarring.

No down-time post procedure! Apply make-up or step directly out on the town with a gorgeous glow!



The ultimate extravagance! This high performance, luxuriously opulent masque is infused with mineral rich micronized Mother of Pearl, Glycosaminoglycans and rich Botanical Extracts that provide vital nourishment on a deep cellular level. Water based humectants pseudo Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid aggressively resist dehydration and environmental factors that diminish skin’s youthful appearance. Helichrysum and Citrus Essential Oils delight your senses with every application. You’ll be tempted to use this magnificent masque every day..

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