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Shoulder Massage

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What Is Myomassology Massage?

In the 1970's a group of RMT's got together and decided since they wanted to add more holistic modalities to their practice that they would branch off and create a new professional designation.

Registered Myomassology Practitioners are registered with a governing body: Natural Healthcare Practitioners of Canada. (NHPC) to work across Canada, not just the province they're graduated from.

RMP's are skilled and trained in all of the following massage styles: Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Lymphatic, Relaxation, Swedish, Reflexology, and Leg Balancing.

A Myomassology massage is different techniques, we tailor each massage to you!

We ask you what your issues are, range of motion, injuries, etc. We will improve pain, improve range of motion, help with flexibility, headaches, swelling, etc. You're not in pain during our sessions, you will however feel a bit light headed or nauseous if you carry a lot of toxins in your system. You're going to be given water afterwards, and we recommend a monthly session to keep it improved.

Are We Covered Under Benefits?

Being registered with NHPC allows us to give receipts with our registration number, however it's not under any other category then: Alternative and Extended benefits in Ontario. The majority of Canadians are self-employed with little to no benefits, and we help make massage affordable for those. 


60 minutes $82 tax included

90 minutes $123 tax included

120 minutes $164 tax included 

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