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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress


WHY MICROBLADE when you can have

Chrislynn Losier

When you choosing Microblading or PMU Brow Tattoos, there are a few things to consider.

Microblading is the first technique that became popular, and that our Practitioner Chrislynn was certified in. 

Microblading is when a blade (thickness dependant and chosen based on the thickness of your existing brow hair to match) is used to cut in Hair-like strokes throughout the brow. The ink that’s been dipped onto the blade saturates the cut, and can last 1 to perhaps 2 years. If the practitioner goes too deep and causes scarring it can possibly last forever with a redness hue. 

You need a touch up every year, for life with microblading and a little known fact is you should ONLY be getting your brows done maybe 7 times in your life before it’s causing scar tissue.

The use of a PMU machine can provide the same desired hair-like stroke design, using a real tattoo machine/needle and a Permanant Make Up Ink that with the needle has a deeper penetration and therefore a lengthier time in between touch-ups. Not to mention less damage to the skin, risking less scarring. 

Permanent Make Up Eyebrows Aka PMU Brows Aka Nano Brows

This is a semi-permanent technique of "tattooing" brows onto a client. There are different techniques we use to obtain different looks and affects, which we go over to make sure you're getting the look you want.

First, after we've made sure you're a candidate by reviewing your intake form, we measure your brows to see where the head should start, where the arch should be and sketch out a look we suggest. We encourage feedback, we want to know what you're hoping for. We take an hour for this step, changing the arch, the thickness, and so on until we're both happy with the end. We will not continue until it's approved. We have been known to deny brow work (not often) if your end goal, and what our style is are two very different ideas. At the end of the day your brows are our walking billboards, and there's a stylist for everyone, we just may not be them. 

Chrislynn does have a reputation for natural looking and defined brows that all clients love!

Then we numb your brow area, and select a colour together that matches your skin tone and existing hair colour.


A more semi-permanent solution to microblading, and a whole different style, is PMU Brows. This comes after years of training (hopefully). The artist you choose should have experience and a wide variety of portfolio photos for you to look at prior to choosing your artist. These brows can last 3-5 years but some strokes or shading can last Forever! Every 2-4 years a colour boost is recommended. This technique is performed with a tattoo pen, needles, and a special PMU ink. Done in a style you choose, whether it be all strokes, a combination of strokes and shading or an ombré of both. I don’t do full powder brows, as I personally think the strokes are required to make it look realistic and 3-dimensional.


You will LOVE waking up and having your brows completed!


(was $699.99) NOW only $299.99+tax for your initial appointment,

A 1-2 month initial touch up is required, for $75+tax

And every Touch-Up going forward is $75+tax as long as there is 50% or more of the initial tattoo left.

*touch-ups on someone else’s work is $150+tax price , unless changing the shape is required

**Tattoo Removal may be recommended on someone else’s previous work if the work is not to the proper thickness or shape

Prior Care & Post Care For Brows

There are some medical conditions that would stop us from providing this service, known possible risks and after care that is required to be discussed prior to services.

The Main Health Factors we need to avoid:

-Cancer history (doctors note required)

-Diabetes (we cautiously warn against getting brow tattoos, you will bleed more, and higher risk of infection)

-Retinols/Retinoids (they thin your skin, cause long term damage and could cause complications, must be out of your system for 4-6 weeks prior)

-Antibiotics (will help your body’s white blood cells attack the ink, we suggest waiting until your round is complete)

Since we do break the skin in order to provide a Brow service, there is always a risk of infections. We always use sterile tools, and clean the skin prior, however once you leave you are responsible for the care of your brows. If bacteria or other fluids touch your brows, you are responsible for the results or any possible infections. Keep your hands clean, do not touch your brows unless applying the after care ointment. 

Avoid caffeine the day of your service, and alcohol the day prior to avoid excessive bleeding. Avoid waxing your brows for 2 days prior. No chemical peels 2-3 weeks prior or Botox/fillers near your brows.

You will be required to keep your brows DRY for 7-10 days while healing, so we suggest washing your hair the morning before your appointment to avoid attempting it post.

Do not use Retinol products 6 weeks prior, and no Acutane for 12 months prior.

Blood thinners will cause extra bleeding at times, if it can avoided for a week prior, do so. If not, be aware an extra touch up may be required.

Avoid Aspirin or Ibuprofen the day before for the same reasons, it thins your blood.

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