Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress



PMU Brows



Whether we're choosing Microblading or PMU brows, this is a semi-permanent technique of "tattooing" brows onto a client. There are different techniques we use to obtain different looks and affects, which we go over to make sure you're getting the look you want.

First, after we've made sure you're a candidate by reviewing your intake form, we measure your brows to see where the head should start, where the arch should be and sketch out a look we suggest. We encourage feedback, we want to know what you're hoping for. We take an hour for this step, changing the arch, the thickness, and so on until we're both happy with the end. We will not continue until it's approved. We have been known to deny brow work (not often) if your end goal, and what our style is are two very different ideas. At the end of the day your brows are our walking billboards, and there's a stylist for everyone, we just may not be them. 

Then we numb your brow area, and select a colour together that matches your skin tone and existing hair colour.

Microblading is a technique that uses a blade, thickness dependant and chosen based on the thickness of your existing brow hair to match. We cut hair-like strokes in a design that looks very natural, sleek, and flattering. The ink saturates the skin, and we do several passes until we achieve the look we desired. Once complete, you're leaving with an after care ointment, and a texted photo of the aftercare. You're to wire your brows with a cool clean cloth in the direction of the brows 4 hours later. Do not touch your brows, and do not get them wet for 7-10 days until they're fully healed. Proper after care is imperative for them to last.


You'll return for a suggested touch-up 6 weeks later, if your body has lifted or faded some of the ink in the healing process which is normal. You will typically loose 30%, and the touch up will correct it.  This brow set should last 1-3 years , however touch-ups are encouraged before they dissipate over 50%. It can avoid you paying for a full brow set again.

$299.99 + tax initial appointment

$120 + tax for 4 to 6 week touch up

Return for touch up within 12 months $120 + tax

or Return for touch up within 24 months $200 + tax

If over 24 months, it's a new full set. 

PMU brows is a technique that uses a Permanent Make-Up machine, with a needle at the depth to allow increased saturation of the ink, and these brows can last 5-7 years or maybe more. We do techniques with this machine such as ombre brows, a mixture of hair-like strokes in the beginning to look like a natural brow, and slowly fading to a coloured in look called powder. If you're one to want your brows to stand out, this is a wonderful option.

We perform all of the same prep-work, and you're still required for a touch-up in 6 weeks. The reason for the touch-up so soon is your body will aim to heal the "tattoo" and typically 30% can lift or fade, which is normal. The touch-up will replace what has faded.

$499.99 plus tax + tax initial appointment and $150+tax for mandatory 4 to 6 week touch up

All touch ups are $250+tax at any time.

Switching from Microblading to PMU.

We can switch to PMU if you prefer after your initial microblading appointment, however for an additional fee of $350 + tax, and now an additional touch up will be required, at $250 + tax. 

If you're trying to switch after you've already received microblading elsewhere.

If it's a shape and colour we both agree is flattering, it is possible to switch to PMU, however, if the shape is not one we would have chosen, or we've even seen two separate brows microbladed onto a client, a removal is necessary. A consultation will be required. Or you can allow your brows to fade, once completely gone we can start fresh.