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Fine Line


After years of working in Scalp Micro-pigmentation, and Brow Tattoos with

a Professional Tattoo Machine and Needles, we’ve expanded into

Fine Line Tattoos!

Fine Line Tattoo

Style Of Tattoos

Fine Line Tattoos are a style, Chrislynn enjoys using 3 to 5 RL to create a simple to very detailed tattoo. She’s done small quotes to full leg pieces for example, it’s more about the style that she enjoys.



Feel free to book an hour for a fine line tattoo, then text Chrislynn 705-288-0947 with your ideas, she’ll let you know if we need more time. 

A deposit will be required, 50% upfront which is held if the appointment is not shown up for with under 24 hour notice, or order 15 minutes late. 

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