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It’s suitable for those who are experiencing any forms of hair loss such as hair thinning, receding, or balding or those who need to add density to their scalp affected by sickness or injuries. This treatment is ideal for both men and women.

SMP is best for all types and stages of hair-loss, on all colors and skin types with treatment undertaken at any age.

The follicle recreation process generally occurs over 4-5 sessions, each lasting approximately 3 – 6 hours – allowing for a gradual buildup of hair density and natural rejuvenation of hairline to the client’s desired look. SMP is flexible too, allowing clients to adapt and freshen their look at any time in the future.


Pricing can vary per client, based on areas of thinning hair, scars, and conditions. We provide free consultations to discuss goals as well as processes. 

Price list


During this meeting, your practitioner will prep you for what to expect and how you should prepare beforehand.

For example, here are some general guidelines:

We look at the heath of your skin, ensure no dryness on the area, A scalp regime may be recommended.

We discuss face shape and recommended hair line. We measure, sketch and draw on a template to be approved. 

The day of your treatment, eat a hearty meal, don't drink much coffee, hydrate and stretch.

Shower before each treatment. You won’t be able to wash or wet your scalp (this includes sweating excessively) for four days after each appointment. 


Each treatment typically takes between four and five hours. We apply numbing to the area, play music and keep you relaxed. You're welcome to bring a friend or family member to keep you company.


How many treatments you need will depend on the amount of scalp getting SMP. Even if it’s only for a small area like a widow’s peak, three to four treatments are still needed for long-term retention since SMP is a process of layering colour.


Treatments will be scheduled a few weeks apart.


In the weeks between treatments, don’t go swimming, use steam or sauna rooms, or take extremely hot showers that may cause a steam storm. 

Avoid exposing your scalp to the sun for the first four days (wearing a hat is fine). On the fifth day after treatment, you can expose the treated skin to sun for one hour, or 45 minutes if you have very fair skin.

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