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Semi-Permanent Hair Reduction

NOW upgraded to the IN Mode Triton Light & Dark machines.

TRITON Services We Offer


• Black, brown, dark and light blond hair

• Coarse and fine hair

• Skin type I-IV


• Black, brown and dark blond hair

• Coarse and normal hair

• Skin type I-VI



• Black and brown hair

• Very coarse and deep hair

• Very safe for skin type VI

Hair will grow in 4 cycles, and Hair Reduction works when the hair is in the Anogen stage. You will require 4-10 sessions, scheduled 4-6 weeks apart for face, 6-8 for body. Hormonally controlled areas such as Brazilian or Chin, or light hair can be the hair that requires the higher number of sessions. Touch up sessions could be required in the future, as it depends of each individuals changes in hormones.


Please arrive with the area FULLY SHAVED (it only works if there’s no hair on the surface) or there is a fee for us to shave you.

Avoid sun and tanning 3 weeks prior

No waxing 2 weeks prior, we need the bulb of the hair, and now switch to shaving for throughout our sessions

Avoid Antibiotics or new medication for 2 weeks prior

A Full medical intake form will be required to fill out the first appointment, and you are responsible to update and report changes with your practitioner prior to each session. 

Do not use Retinol cremes or ACCUTANE.

No rashes or skin irritations in the area we are going to be working on

Please give us 24 hours notice to reschedule appointments


Cool area if needed

Avoid heat like saunas, or hot baths for 2 weeks

Avoid tanning for 2 weeks

You can shave in between or not it’s up to you, just do not tweeze or wax

You can go on medications as needed, just report to them to your practitioner

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