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Registered Myomassology Program by JustNatural Ins

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Exquisite Private School in Ontario ABOUT THE INSTITUTE JustNatural Holistic Spa & Institute Inc. founder, Chrislynn Losier, created their own curriculum in 2017, after being in the industry for nearly a decade. We noticed a need for more Myomassologists, to cater to the almost 48% of Canadians who are self-employed with little to no benefits and need a professional massage. Seeking incorporation, approval by the Private Schools of Ontario for permission to be an institute, and approval from our Governing Board, Natural Healthcare Practitioners of Canada, the process to complete this program and offer education to students who wanted a career in an avenue of holistic massage was challenging however, a success! ​ Since our education has a lower cost, we can offer a massage for a reduced priced compared to others. An average of $60-$80 per hour. Our vision is to establish Myomassology, a holistic branch of massage, as a prominent discipline in Canada. The institute's goal is to provide our students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in their careers. Students benefit from the relaxing atmosphere of small classrooms, in a luxurious spa setting, which ensures quality education, more assistance if required, and a safe space for your practicum massages. Registered Myomassology Practitioners can practice massage across Canada, not just the province they were certified in, and are certified with our governing body Natural Healthcare Practitioners of Canada.

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