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Individual Eyelash Extension Artist Program

  • 31Weeks
  • 6Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Individual Eyelash Extension Course ​ Let us help you to achieve your full potential by attending our intensive 5 Day Individual EyeLash Extension Program. This Intensive program will focus on all aspects of attaining a successful career. ​ Our redesigned program, is half independent based learning, by studying the supplied videos and text, practicing hands-on with the course kit and finally spend 2 days in class with our instructor and creator of the program, Lindsay Ladouceur. ​ PRICING: $1200 + tax Plus the cost of the kit, which includes supplies for 20+ clients ​ Earn $50-$150 per client with this beautiful field of Lash Extensions. Our program outlines proper mapping, knowing weights, contraindications, anatomy of the eye, ethnicities lashes, curls, sanitization, business development and techniques.

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