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Facial Specialist - Credit 2 Elements of a Facial

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THE ART OF HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN Upon completion of Part 1: Anatomy of Skin & Skin Care of the Facial Specialist Program, and its exam, our goal is for you to: -have an understanding of how skin works; -what are the break down of products in skin care; -what products to avoid; and -how to select products for day to day routines at home. Now you will begin Part 2: Elements of a Facial, upon completion of this module, you will know: -contraindications, reasons why we shouldn’t perform a facial, or ways we need to modify our facial; -how to perform a consultation; -how to sanitize before and after clients; -the different types of facials; and -how to choose the correct one. Part 3 is where we teach you the step by step on performing facials and building your business.

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