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Micro Pigmentation Program

Certified Microblading Technician Program

Our Online Microblading & Micropigmentation program is both knowledge and hands on intensive, allowing you the freedom to learn solely online with the help on videographer .

We will cover introduction to business, marketing, set-up procedures, disinfecting and sanitization, skills & knowledge of the trade, hands-on practice, clinical practicums while under supervision, and exams. 

Course cost is $ 3599+tax

(Includes a product kit and textbook)

Kit includes: 

-High quality pigment ink

-Disposable eyebrow rulers

-Surgical markers

-Microblading pencil

-Disposable microblading tool

-Disposable blades

-Disposable micro swabs

-Disposable pigment cups


-Numbing Cream

The Potential Income earnings in your kit is dependant on your starting prices for microbladed brows, earn up to $500+/client.

You will be able to complete 40 initial appointments with your kit!

Microblading course
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