What do Roy Halladay, Bobby Orr, Hulk Hogan and Johnny Gray have in common? TheraLASE helped them wi

What do baseball great Roy Halladay, hockey legend Bobby Orr, wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan and four time track and field Olympian Johnny Gray have in common?

First is pain, but second, TheraLASE Cold Laser LLLT treatments are what they have in common.

Orr, undoubtedly one of hockey’s greatest players ended his career early after sustaining 13 left knee surgeries, leaving him unable to walk without severe pain or perform any stressful physical activity. After Orr received 16 Theralase laser treatments to his left knee, his pain quickly diminished and he returned to daily physical activity.

Hogan had such debilitating knee pain that he could barely enter the ring without limping. He was able to compete professionally again, after a dozen Theralase laser treatments.

TheraLASE machines can be used on humans as well as animals, and is commonly recommended for muscle/tendon/ligament injuries, other symptoms such as arthritis, tendonosis/tendonitis, carpel tunnel, pain, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, and more.

In the spring of 2012, Theralase announced that its anti-cancer PDC technology was found to completely destroy subcutaneous (under the skin) colon cancer tumors in a mouse model.

An enhanced therapeutic laser system with built-in biofeedback sensors that will be able to monitor the amount of laser light delivered to tissue is in the works providing a technology that will deliver patient specific treatments effectively eliminating pain and breaking the pain cycle for a $100 Billion a year problem in the US healthcare market.

Source: http://business.financialpost.com/business-trends/secrets-of-sports-superstars-who-use-the-healing-power-of-light

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