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JustNatural Spa & Institute Inc went to the Novas!

We had the privilege of being nominated for an award given by The Ventures Centre in Timmins for business contributions to the community! Not only was it an honour just to be nominated, but to also be selected as a finalist, and with overjoy, we won for our category!

Accepting the award: Chrislynn Losier

The ladies from JustNatural Spa attendeding were (left to right) Katrina Reid, Chrislynn Losier, Kylie Montfort from Iroquois Falls and Lindsay Ladouceur. Also Christina Geddes from Haileybury in following photo.

We, every month, donate a percentage of our income to organizations, to events and to individuals in our community.

Since the corporations beginning, we’ve kept a famous quote in mind, behind every decision we’ve made throughout our growth.

”Remember one thing, that you should not leave the Earth until you have made it a little more beautiful, a little lovelier, a little more loving.” -OSHO

Some of our lovely team mates couldn’t make the event, we missed Dominique Bouchard, Val Leonard-Jette, and June Quachegan in our celebrations.

We want to thank the community for recognizing our efforts, and want to thank our clients for keeping us SUCCESSFULLY busy, in order to make this possible.


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