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Celebrate MOM at JustNatural H. Spa

Mom does so much for everyone, she's there when you need her, often puts herself last, and loves whole heartedly.

She deserves one day a year to be spoiled. Do you know what she'd love? We do.

Pampering at the spa: Start off with the FAMOUS Hollywood JN Carbon Facial. This facial goes for $500 in bougie cities like Beverly Hills and New York. This facial has made it's way to our city of Timmins. Give her a taste of a one of a kind experience, for only $299.99

*mom's being escorted by a loved one? Pamper yourself with one as well, and we'll take $50 off mom's facial.

Our space is set up to be luxurious, relaxing, and fun.

Manicures and Pedicures, $99 includes shellac and 2.5 hours of relaxation at the spa!

Massages: We offer hour long massages from any of our Myomassology Masseuses, only $70 for any style: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pregnancy, Lymphatic, or Reflexology.

*All prices incl tax

We're available Saturday May 12th and Sunday May 13th!

__Call or email to book the appointment before they fill up.

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