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Microblading and Semi-Permanent with a PMU machine

Have you ever wondered what the process is of MicroBlading, or even what it consists of?

Microblading or Powder Brows is a term used for semi-permanent eyebrow "tattoos". Depending on the technique, it can last up to several years with requirement of infrequent touch-ups.

This procedure is where the professional technician first measures out the placement, and shape of a client's desired eyebrows. Sometimes the client has little to no hair of their own, or the hair they have is not the desired shape.

Once this is done, and the client also approves, we use surgical marker to dot around the shape, and numbing is applied to the area to help ease the discomfort associated to the process of microblading. Once it's time for the numbing cream to come off, the technician uses a blade in a stylus to cut hair-like strokes into the shape if it's "Microblading" you're receiving.

If it's Powder Brows or Ombre Powder Brows with a PMU machine, the depth of the needle from the machine is deeper than the blade, and will last longer. Powder brows is a technique where we use a cluster ended needle and lightly shade the area to look full in colour. An Ombre Powder Brow is where in the head of the brow, we use a single ended needle to create hair-like strokes with the machine, and then do the powder technique shaded to the rest.

We've done a demonstration of the Powder Brow with Chrislynn Losier, at JustNatural Spa & Institute Inc.

The colour will darken by the next day, but don't fret, it will lightly fade back into the colour chosen. To take care of your eyebrows, we do give you an aftercare sheet:

Do not touch your brows unless you are putting on your after care ointment with clean hands only.

When you feel your brows are tight and dry, you can put a tiny bit of ointment provided to you. If you have an oily skin type, we suggest the opposite where you might want to pat your brows dry from oils throughout the day.

Keep your brows dry until they're healed, do not wash or wet them.

Do not use harsh chemical exfoliants on your brows ever going forward.

Once healed, wear sunscreen on your brows every time you go into the sun, and continue to reapply.

You are required a touch-up in 4-6 weeks, as you may experience up to 30% loss of strokes or colour.

We love what we do, and aim to make every client happy with their new eyebrows!

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