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What is Myomassology?

JustNatural Holistic Spa & Institute Inc. has written our very own curriculum for Myomassology, approved by NHPC (our governing body in Canada) and is taught by our experienced Myomassology Instructors, in Canada!

Our vision is to establish Myomassology, a holistic branch of massage, as a prominent discipline in Canada. The institute's goal is to provide our students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in their careers.

Students benefit from the relaxing atmosphere of small classrooms, in a luxurious spa setting, which ensures quality education, more assistance if required, and a safe space for your practicum massages.

Registered Myomassology Practitioners can practice massage across Canada, not just the province they were certified in, and are certified with our governing body Natural Healthcare Practitioners of Canada.

Learn the styles of relaxation, Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, lymphatic, and reflexology. With business segment in the syllabus, learn how to turn your education into a career, the types of business, employment vs self-employment and the possibilities across Canada with a Nationwide Certification. We will discuss the anatomy, body systems, and how to perform massage to target them. You will also be given a supplies of textbooks required to study independently. Learn how to evaluate the assessment of a client before treatment, and what indications require special treatment or avoidance of treatment.

You are in class for 4 days a month performing hands on practicum massages on clients, learning technique and skills. Whilst not in class, learn independently studying your supplied text books.

Start in September and graduate by spring with the knowledge and skills to perform massages.

Apply today for September 2020 class


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